Christmas 2018

This year we stayed at home and put up a 12 foot tree – that is 3.65 meters. The boys were super excited and so were the parents.

The Christmas card image from this year

On Christmas Eve the boys performed in church

And later that night the presents for family and friends went under the tree

In the morning the boys raided their stockings

And checked out in awe the gifts

The boys then went with Amy to feed the homeless at The Porch Cantina. Then breakfast with GiCi and Grandmama and then action.

Oh joy

No one was left out

And the adults were busy too

Very busy

Afterwards there was cleaning action

Published by Herbert

Simon and Max are quite possibly the cutest kids in the world. This site is meant to document their journey through life.

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  1. Herbert, your photos & comments captured Christmas in your home perfect. The boys are growing up so fast! Your Christmas card photo is a hoot! I love the expressions on the boys faces.
    Thanks for sharing such precious Kodak moments. Happy New Year to you, Amy, the boys & GiCi!

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