3rd Birthday and Halloween

Simon and Max turned 3 recently and it was a celebration that was spread out over several days with various family members arriving at different times and mama and papa being gone for a few days around that time. But rest assured, the boys missed out on nothing.

We had a big toasted hazelnut cake for the boys and it was very yummy.


For the celebration in school mama had made banana sorbet because of all the food restrictions (no eggs, no nuts, no strawberries etc.) The banana sorbet however was a big hit. And Simon can be seen devouring his portion.


In his class Max also quickly ate his banana sorbet and was ready for more.


One night we had a wardrobe malfunction and Max was very concerned about it.


As the boys are getting bigger they get to wear underwear here and there instead of diapers.


New balance bicycles arrived in time for the birthday of the boys.


The Nutcase helmets found the boys well too, and they would wear them all the time if we were to let them.


Simon also has a distinctive Nutcase helmet and he loves it too.


Simon and Max went to the mall with grandmama Georgia and got to ride the carrousel.


These German brand Bruder construction vehicles were a gift from grandmama and they are super nice.


The Legos from GiCi, Jean and Dorothy and David are also very popular. The fancy footwear came from Anna and Greg.


Simon got to be Elmo for Halloween and boy did he look cute.


Cookie Monster Max is also ready to charm everyone.


After the hayride in school, Elmo goes to the next station with grandmama Georgia.


It was warm inside and Max took off his headgear, but Simon kept it on until he got home.


The Bluegrass music in school was great but both boys started to get over stimulated.


Our Halloween decoration in front of the house.


Max is making sure that the pumpkin has a scary enough face.


On the way to a neighbor’s party and trick or treating on Halloween evening.


Simon loves this bicycle and would be outside all the time if he could.


Showing opa and mimi the bike riding s=kills on a very cold day. Brrrrr


Published by Herbert

Simon and Max are quite possibly the cutest kids in the world. This site is meant to document their journey through life.

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