The early bird …

Simon was up and ready at 7:15 today but when Papa got him, Max was still fast asleep. We changed Simon’s diaper and got he clothes for the day but Max was still out. It appeared thus that our little man needed extra sleep and we allowed him to have it. That now meant that the early bird Simon had full access to the toys and Papa’s attention.

Here busy packing his bag


Swing little boy

Max has a little virus infection and has not gone to school the last 2 days. He should be good to go tomorrow though. Today the tired little boy swung with Papa on the porch swing before nap time.

Another weekend

Over the weekend we took Simon and Max to one of the playgrounds at Tanglewood Park and it was quite nice. We also stumbled on a mountain bike race that ended around the time when we showed up. On Sunday Amy made sweet potato muffins and they found the boys well.

Simon was testing his balance on this wall


Max was also quite active


He also followed Simon on the wall


3 muffins quickly found a home


No doubts here


Max also was happy


A bit of reading time with mama