School time

It is hard to believe but Simon and Max had their first day in school yesterday. They are in the same school but in separate classrooms. They seemed to enjoy the experience and we think the Centers For Exceptional Children is a great match for both boys.

Simon appears to be eager and ready


In the car with mama for the first day of school


It took no time for Simon to scout the new surroundings


Max got right down to play in his classroom


Cautiously making new friends



Sara is our newest family member and she is an Au Pair from Germany. She has been here now about 3 weeks and she is great with Simon and Max. It is great for them to hear German from someone other than Papa.


Ready to roll

Simon and Max got their school backpacks yesterday and both seemed equally excited about that big step.

Simon was ready to roll on to school on his bike, but the backpack he is wearing belongs to Max.


Max tried his backpack on but then moved on without it.