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Sour face

Simon and Max seem to really enjoy lemon slices. They actually ask for them now.


Little snugglers

Aren’t these two boys too cute?


Im Sandkasten

Yesterday Simon and Max had a big day in the sandbox (Sandkasten) and it really shows.

Standing tall

Max is now super confident about standing up in an open space, and he is also quite proud, but his parents surely are even more excited.

New haircuts

The boys hair wasn’t crazy long but with the hot summer temperatures having arrived in full force it was time for a little trim again. The first time Papa took them one at time on separate days, but this time Miss Alex came and thus Simon and Max could go together.

Simon checks out the situation as Max is on.


Miss Alex with Simon and Max post haircut.


A bit of ice cream found them well.


Max discovered all kinds of new things outside..,


… And at home


Out and about

Simon and Max are really well behaved when we are out with them but of course we only take them out on their schedule.

At the 4th Street Filling Station


Max eagerly awaits dinner.


4th of July action

Our 4th of July was great despite the weather not really playing along. Several thunderstorms made spending time outside a tricky option, but that did not leave us with only “bored” games.

Milk makes for a good day start


The rain did not stop fun outside


More water is even better


And good times with Fritz the rooster