Fun in the backyard

On hot days our backyard is sometimes the best option for outside play since it is quite shady there. So this morning Simon, Max and Papa spent some time out there.

The “custom” sandbox is always popular.


Both Simon and Max get busy in a hurry.


Swing out brother.


Without Opa Ron this would likely not be up yet.


Max was going up and down the play set several times.


Simon also wanted to climb and slide.

Adventures in dining

Simon and Max are growing up crazy fast and they surprise us every day with their knowledge and newly acquired skills.

Today they ate a banana by themselves for the first time.


They also do a great job eating from plates very independently.


They both tend to eat the fruit first.


And Simon is a much faster eater.


Today they had a special desert that was a Hit.


Oh yes.


At work at the new table

Simon and Max have already left their marks on the new toddler table set with crayons and food. This afternoon they enjoyed some cheese and a banana at that table during snack time and here is a small clip taken during that time.