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  1. Hi Amy & Herbert,
    I am enjoying the photos of the boys you post so much. They are growing like weeds!! Very cute little guys.

    I took a Coral bark Japanese Maple tree to Cheryl’s home yesterday. It is from the Harbison Garden Club and Georgia Hildreth in memory of her brother Jimmy. I showed her a method called, “lasagna gardening” to teach her how to organically enrich her soil. We laid down large flat flower shipping corugated boxes and spread a couple of bags of soil conditioner on top. Today is a rain day which will soak the cardboard boxes and help soften and loosen up the soil under the box. It will also encourage earthworms and healthy bacterial organisms needed for healthy soil. In 2-3 weeks we will get a yard maintenance man over to dig a proper hole for the tree and I will oversee to be sure the tree is planted & mulched properly. It is going to be a handsome addition and a beautiful remembrance of her brother in her garden.

    We were talking about the landscape timber circle area in the back yard that has a bird bath and some bird houses hanging from a tree. It would be a great area to place a beautiful garden bench in there and some stepping stones – perhaps some painted by the grandson’s or a hand print placed on them with non toxic paint? I gave Cheryl some shade garden ideas for that space too. I have some plants I will dig up and bring to her once my busy spring flower season is over.
    (Hint: Mother’s Day or Birthday idea: A garden bench or glider!!)

    Thanks so much for your emails. I hope it is okay to make this garden suggestion for your Mom. I think she would like to garden more and enjoy her garden but just needs a little time, money and guidance. The best part of being in a garden club for her are the plants we all share with each other. I am looking forward to helping her create a garden to enjoy with her grandson’s and remember her loved one’s. Cheryl has tried twice to grow a dogwood in memory of her sister. Dogwood’s do not take well to transplanting and have to be planted in late fall. I suggested a Chinese Snowball Vibernum. A great woody ornamental for our garden zone with beautiful white hydrangea-like blooms in the spring. Very hardy and tolerant of our humidity and heat. Once roots are established, does not need as much water as a hydrangea does.

    Happy Spring! Happy Gardening!

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