It is cold outside

But we are having a good time in Black Mountain.

A stroll earlier in the day.

Mom and little bear Max

Daddy with Simon

On the playground later that day Simon exploring the short slide

Max having fun on the swing set

Max about to slide

Mommy with Simon

Old school pic with daddy

Casting shadows

Thanksgiving 2012

What could possibly go better together on Thanksgiving than a great family gathering with turkeys and football? Especially when the turkeys are tiny and adorable. 🙂

Simon exploring the house Galax House porch in Montreat

Max understood fast that football is important in the USA on this day

Simon too did not want to be left out

A big family had gathered

Simon the boy met Simon the dog and one of the Simons wasn’t too happy

A big bath after a long day

Time for a good night bottle

Out shopping on Friday, but not for toasters or TVs, only a few groceries

Late fall follies

It was a beautiful day in Winston-Salem and the boys got to spend some time outside.

Max playing in the leaves

Both boys busy with leaves

Simon checked out a Santa hat later that day

Halloween 2012

Last year at Halloween Simon and Max were still in the NICU, but what a difference a year makes.  Neither boy stayed up for trick or treat activities, but they still were able to experience this annual American tradition.

We had the pumpkin ready a few days prior to Halloween.


Max and Simon inspected the candy meant for the trick or treat activities.


Simon in his Elmo outfit


Max was a little blue monster


Both boys seemed to have a good time in their outfits.


The boys with mommy


The jack-o-lantern all lit up