Adventures in Hawaii

Simon and Max came to Hawaii for 11 days because of daddy’s work for the Ironman Hawaii and everyone had a great time. Below are a few pics from that trip Kona, Hawaii.

That is indeed a great place to visit

Simon and Max were very good boys on the trip to Hawaii, including the seemingly endless Atlanta – Honolulu one.

The view from the Lanai of our condo rental unit.

Good food can be had everywhere, but you can’t eat outside barely clothed in many places in October.

Simon hanging with mommy in the living room.

Miss Alex also joined us for this trip.

Simon and Max got to meet Quentin in Kona.

Quentin is the son of our friends Jill and Jordan.

Aloha from Hawaii

Time for another bottle.

We did an early birthday celebration for Simon and Max since granddad Ron Mimi and Grandmama Georgia won’t be able to spend time with us at the end of this month, plus it was Georgia’s actual birthday.

Blowing out three candles on the delicious chocolate cake mommy made – one for each birthday child.

Simon pitched most of it over board before starting to eat it.

Max on the other hand made sure he got it all.

One boy clearly happy with his chocolate experience.

The other still looking for more.

There were gifts too for Simon and Max.

Max loves the spoon from Grandmama Georgia.

With mommy and grandmama Georgia.

We even got another little swim in on the last day.

Mommy and Max made friends with a Honu who approached us at the edge of the water.

Simon and dad also got to meet Honu.

Back at the airport in Kona.

Both boys slept well on the flights back home. Here Simon sleeps like an angel on daddy’s chest.

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Simon and Max are quite possibly the cutest kids in the world. This site is meant to document their journey through life.

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