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A photo shoot

A few weeks ago Christine Rucker came by to snap images of the boys and they turned out beautiful.

Happy boys

Simon in deep thoughts

A very focused Max

The happy family

Sorry Simon, just posing, not bedtime

That chalkboard wall

Fun games in the nursery

Time to be clean

Quite a pair


Granddad and Mimi visit

Granddad Ron and Mimi came to visit Simon and Max over the weekend, and good times were had by all.

Look Simon, someone is outside.

Oh it is granddaddy.

Simon a bit undecided about the slide.

Max showing us his climbing skills.

Simon got super giddy while on the swing set, but he got “his.” šŸ™‚

After a long day of activities it is time get clean

Breaking and entering

Simon and Max’s attempts to “break and enter” the fireplace were foiled by the fine glass door with a child safety feature. Onward to other trouble.


Those crunchy Morning O’s

In between vegetables, pasta, yoghurt and fruit there is always space and time for some Cheerios, well, WF Organic Morning O’s.


Driving the small car

Simon and Max were busy again driving the very small car. It is amazing how much fun a cardboard box brings. They both actually play more with boxes, paper, formula tins and plastic cups than with expensive toys.