In the park

Later this afternoon we went to Hanes Park and both boys had a blast on the swing set. We only have a clip of Max having a good time, and he was a bit distracted by another kid swinging to our left.

Growing and growing

The boys both occupied with the bouncer.

Max exploring peppers

Old man Simon trying to look like dad

The boys cruising in style at Target with mom slightly ahead.

By the time we left Target (about 10 minutes later) Simon tried to escape by slouching, but it we understood since it was close to bedtime.

Fun times in Germany

More good times for Simon and Max in Germany.

Max meets a Weinbergschnecke

On the way to the Eichbuehlfest in Ostrach

A Festbier for mommy with Oma looking on

Max enjoying Schokoladenbrei

Simon was not quite as focused