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Kitchen helper

Both boys really like being little kitchen helpers or at least they enjoy playing with kitchen gear. Max here is very busy with the brush.



Max and Pete

Both boys really like Pete and he really likes them and has the patience of a saint, but here Max gets a bit of extra love back. It was actually about the fifth time in a 5 minute time spam that Max and Pete had a close encounter.

Watch out – here I come

It is very hot outside but not too hot to jump into the pool.

More fun in a box

This diaper box keeps on giving and giving, and the tin is actually a formula tin decorated by Miss Alex.

On the Autobahn

On the Autobahn at home that is of course. Simon and Max are having a great time with this box. Simple does it.

The mouse door

It appears that Simon found the mouse door in our kitchen to be of special interest and almost pulled it off the hinges. We now had to remove it before he gets it done and tries to eat the screws or hinges.



Wooden blocks

Simon and Max