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Simon in the bin

Mom organized a very nice 3 Sprouts toy storage bin for Simon and Max, and here is Simon testing it out.


Helping hands

Simon and Max were lending helping hands to Miss Alex today and they took their jobs very seriously.


Cool at the pool

We went to the pool late in the afternoon today with the boys and our friends Anna and Greg came along too. Here is Max looking cool with Greg’s shades.


Big smile

Max seems to really enjoy smiling for the camera, but he in general smiles a lot.


Count Dracula

Simon isn’t really Count Dracula or any other vampire, but he looked a bit like one after his berry apple sauce meal.


It is official

Simon and Max got their US passports last night and so they are indeed official now, and ready to travel the world. Still have to get the German ones though.


Brotherly love

It is good to have a brother, especially one who is the age. Allows you to play games, share stories or take a bite out of each other.