A shopping trip

This afternoon Simon and Max went with daddy to go shopping.  First everybody went to Whole Foods and after that the whole crew made a short visit to Harris Teeter.   We even managed to pick up the keys to the freshly repaired MINI Cooper S and Simon and Max were good the whole time out.

Ready for a fun afternoon out and Simon is already excited.


Max chilled in the shopping cart


Simon right with daddy



6 months ago Simon and Max were born and it is amazing what a joyride it has been with them. They are growing fast and make mommy and daddy very happy.

Happy 6-month birthday Simon and Max

Max was a bit tired or cranky or both while on the swing

Simon on the other hand seemed to be thrilled to be swinging

Bathing time

Our farm sink in the kitchen was very useful on Sunday for a bath for Simon and Max. We had to move them out of the bathroom sink Puj tub since their curious hands are now able to reach the dials, and the big sink in the kitchen seems perfect. Amy bought a little lounge chair of sorts for the tub and the boys really seemed to enjoy it.

Before the actual bath time Simon wanted to test the lounger.


Simon scouting the new bathing setup.


Oh boy, this is so much fun.


A bit of body surfing to get the back clean


Max clearly had a good time too


Picnic time

Today we had a little picnic with the boys on the back porch and it was quite pleasant outside. Neither boy was super hungry because they had their milk earlier, but they did manage to get peas and pairs all over their faces.

Before the storm


Why are we out here?


Ready for food


Eat up

Simon is hard at work here devouring daddy’s special apple sauce, and with mommy’s assistance he got the job done in no time actually. Unlike his brother Max though who seems to like vegetables and fruit equally, Simon appears to be a bit more partial to fruit.