The big day of Miss Alex

Miss Alex turned 30 yesterday and the boys got up early to celebrate this big event. Simon and Max were very excited about the event and made sure they had good seats.

Neither of them made an attempt to blow out the candles before Miss Alex arrived at 8 am.


Miss Alex was very surprised


And Miss Alex finally blows out the candles.


Almost 5 months old

Simon is getting quite good with holding his own bottle, but distractions like dad approaching with the camera threw him off his game.

Max on the other hand is working hard on his chicken wing eating skills, and since chicken wings are not yet on the menu, daddy’s thumb will have to do.

A weekend in Macon

We all drove to Macon last weekend to visit Simon and Max’s great grandfather and Nanny, granddaddy and Mimi, Doug and Debby, and Doug, Nikki, Will and Sam. Plus we celebrated Amy’s birthday.

Below are some great shots taken by Doug MacMillan







Speed Racer

Simon got a very cute little helmet on Tuesday and he appears now ready to jump on a BMX bike and / or play old school football. Either way, go Speed Racer go.