4 months

Simon and Max had their 4 month birthday today and to celebrate the occasion both of them rolled from their bellies onto their backs. As expected both mommy and daddy were mightily impressed.

Later that day the boys and a friend had a little discussion about the day’s activities


Busy, busy

Tomorrow the boys will be 4 months old and time has indeed gone by quickly. They are very alert now and really are aware of their surroundings.

Simon in the jumper


Pete has been busy too


Simon and Max trying to see what dad is up to


The gift that keeps on …

This piano has truly been the gift that keeps on giving and the boys really are getting entertainment out of it. The last couple days they played nicely alongside each other and we certainly hope that will continue for years to come.

We also discovered recently that Pete likes toys too and so here he is with his new friend Flea who quickly lost both eyes.