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Musical men

We have started the boys early to get in touch with music, and with that we do mean IN TOUCH. Both boys love this piano mat and while Max is hard at work in this video clip, Simon is watching it all in the background left.

Simon also got his turn.


A big day out

Simon and Max went to Whole Foods with dad on Friday, and both of them were very good. This was the first outing for the boys that wasn’t the hospital, pediatrician’s office or a restaurant. Sorry though about the crappy pics.


Both boys are really getting more and more aware of their surroundings and starting to entertain themselves a bit. Here Max is having a good time with the toys.

A day in the park

It was a beautiful day today and late in the afternoon mom and dad took Simon and Max in the park.


Sitting large

Max and Simon seem to like sitting up now, but at 12 weeks they still need a bit of head support



Two bears

Two little bears went on a little hiking trip to see mom. It was very cold outside but the little bears stayed warm.


Almost at mom’s work


Max was very happy to see mom


Dad meanwhile hung out with Simon


Old men

Any time Simon or Max wear pants they kind of look like old men. Maybe it is because the pants appear to be too big.