First Christmas for Simon and Max

Simon and Max had a wonderful Christmas in Columbia, SC and grew like weeds during that time. Good times were had by all and below are a few pics from those days.

When Max screamed in his car seat at granddad’s house, Flora came to check out what the ruckus was all about.

Emergency bath in the kitchen sink for one (unnamed) stinky boy.

Meanwhile Cheryl is feeding the other hungry munchkin.

Ready for the Christmas in their Christmas outfits.

Oh my, those are big eyes Max.

It is so nice for Simon to not have any responsibility other than being cute.

Four generations of Hildreths

Three generations of Krabels

Simon and Max with Santa

A few days ago Santa came to Grace Court Park in Winston-Salem courtesy of Leonard Ryden Burr Real Estate and Simon and Max got to sit on his lap. The other folks who were there were in awe of the boys, but then again that wasn’t completely surprising. 🙂

Tummy time

After today’s lunch snack for Simon and Max they got to enjoy a bit of their daily tummy time.

Simon is out for the count.

Max seems to think “I am not going down, not today.”

Hmmm, what is that guy doing over there?

And Oma has arrived

Oma Frieda arrived from Germany on Thursday late afternoon and she will stay with Simon and Max until after Christmas.

Oma on a lunch outing with her “favorite” son 🙂

Oma giving milk to Simon.

Oma has been very busy preparing delicious meals like this “Schweinegeschnetzeltes mit Spaetzle und Bohnen.”

Big Day

This morning Christine Rucker came to our home to take photos of Simon and Max and images of the whole happy family.

Amy with two worn out boys after the big day in front of the camera.

After the exciting photo shoot Simon really was mellow while taking his bath.

The video shows that the previous pic wasn’t just a tiny slice in time.

Max actually yawned after the bath. Ready to go back to sleep.

More with Ron and Mimi

Grandfather Ron got a lot of one-on-one time with Simon and Max

Mimi really got to know the boys better too.

But the weekend with Ron and Mimi was over in a hurry

We went for a little walk in the afternoon to visit our friends Anna and Greg

The view from above

A weekend with grandfather Ron and Mimi

Grandfather Ron and Mimi came to visit Simon and Max this weekend and good times were had by all.

Hello world

Dad put Simon next to Max and the action began.

Simon clearly loves mommy

Grandfather Ron knows how to keep Max quiet

Simon on daddy’s oh so broad chest

Max sporting a cool hat that came from our friend Kristen Zeller

Simon also has one of those cool hats

Max and Simon all bundled up for the Christmas parade

Mommy during the Winston-Salem Christmas parade