Bath time

Simon and Max were born 2 weeks ago and have been home a few days now. It is so much fun but very tiring.

Morning snuggle fun.

Mom about to give Max a bath.

A very clean and dry Max.

Simon enjoyed the towel much more than the water.

Lunch time for Max and Simon and mom and dad have started to manage feeding both at once.

Time to sleep, and that already no longer means sleeping until woken up. Hungry? Baaaah. Dirty diaper? Baaah. Etc. 🙂

Published by Herbert

Simon and Max are quite possibly the cutest kids in the world. This site is meant to document their journey through life.

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  1. I don’t know any little babies with their own website! How wonderful for famiy and friends to be able to look at these precious twins any time they want to. They are so adorable and so fortunate to have such loving parents and grandparents. What a wonderful life they will have! So happy for you all – can’t wait for the next episode of Max and Simon!
    Harriette (GiCi’s friend)
    PS: Amy – you look great!

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