Halloween pumpkins

Yesterday was Halloween and while Simon and Max were still hanging out with the super nice nurses at the NICU, mom and dad went home for the evening to greet other neighborhood kids. But next year the boys will also get to celebrate Halloween. But there was plenty more going on, mostly at the NICU.

Simon “biting” the hand that feeds him on Halloween afternoon

It appears that Simon is up to something

Max getting love and milk from mom

Kisses for little Simon from mom

A very sleepy Simon is still taking mom’s milk from mom

Their feet are oh so cute

We had a Jack-O-Lantern out, but Simon and Max will have to wait another year to see one of those.

We also had candy

The Jack-O-Lantern at night

This time Simon did not try to suckle on dad’s nose

Max is looking so much better and happier without his GI feeding tube.

Published by Herbert

Simon and Max are quite possibly the cutest kids in the world. This site is meant to document their journey through life.

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