Strolling through the neighborhood

The temperatures have been very mild and on Saturday the 26th of November the whole family ventured out with the Chariot CX2 stroller for a little walk through the neighborhood. This stroller is actually our jogger, but with these front wheels in place it is a great stroller.

Max and Simon are ready for a new adventure.

Cruising through the West End of Winston-Salem.

Mom and the boys look great.

The view from above.

When we came home from the stroll a cute gift had been left by Lincoln, Harriet, Vicky and Tim Roan.

Tummy time after the morning meal.

Simon and Max look very cute together, but Simon is about to have a cow here.


Simon and Max are one month old today and the two cuties are doing great. They also found out today that Quentin, the son of Jordan Rapp and Jill Savege, has been checking out the blog so he’ll be familiar with them once they meet. Quentin lives in California and is a few months older, but we are sure they will become good friends. Especially since daddy and mommy really like the daddy and mommy of Quentin.

Happy Thanksgiving

Mom and dad are especially thankful this Thanksgiving Day for having Simon and Max in their lives, and that Simon and Max let them have a decent night of sleep. 🙂

Simon all bright eyed and ready

Max is also ready for the big day.

Oh my

Mom and dad are having a great time with Simon and Max and here are a few random images from today.

Who are you and what are you doing here?

Very thirsty

Touching hands

A big smile after a good meal

Every day

Max and Simon seem to be up to something.

Still to young to actually ride in it, Simon tested out the twin Chariot stroller / jogger.

Oh those cute little feet.

These greatly appreciated items came in the mail today thanks to our friends Anita and Paul.

After dinner, the boys are ready to sleep.