Simon and Max are one month old today and the two cuties are doing great. They also found out today that Quentin, the son of Jordan Rapp and Jill Savege, has been checking out the blog so he’ll be familiar with them once they meet. Quentin lives in California and is a few months older, […]

Every day

Max and Simon seem to be up to something. Still to young to actually ride in it, Simon tested out the twin Chariot stroller / jogger. Oh those cute little feet. These greatly appreciated items came in the mail today thanks to our friends Anita and Paul. After dinner, the boys are ready to sleep.

7 pounds

What a difference 10 days make, and mostly good milk from mom. Max had to give a bit of blood at the pediatrician’s office. Simon and Max both weigh 7 pounds now, that is a pound more than when they first came home 10 days ago. The boys may have gained weight, but mom really […]

Happy Monday

Aaahh, so cute together. Max and Simon spend quite a bit of time on the changing table. Tiny Max with unshaven dad. Simon looks very relaxed on the changing table. We are storing quite a it of frozen milk. Dad’s sister Sandra had sent Simon and Max these 2 cool wooden toys among a few […]