Another day

It has been 3 days now since Simon and Max came into this world and made their parents absolutely happy.  Today was a big visitor day at the hospital with mom and dad there, GiCi, great-grandmama Georgia and her best friend Naida, and mom and dad’s neighbor Mary.

Max all covered up and sleepy

Simon looking very relaxed

Great-grandmama Georgia enjoying time with Simon


A very tired Simon

Daddy gets to feed Max



A twin update

It has been a very eventful last few days and mom has just returned home.  Simon and Max still have to stay at the hospital for a few days but all is well with them.

By the time Thursday morning rolled around Max was doing quite well.

My oh my Simon looks tiny on dad’s shoulder


Feeding time for Simon

Simon and Max were finally reunited on Thursday afternoon.

Daddy held Max for the first time 48 hours after the birth.

Mom spending quality time with Simon

The tiny hand of Max grabbing the thumb of daddy

The happy mom returns home wearing dad’s sweatshirt after a stunning cool weather change.


A Max update

Tonight Max is finally breathing completely on his own and we are all of course very much relieved.  Seeing our intubated son earlier didn’t completely freak us out, but it was a bit scary.

Max looks very comfortable now and of course – ultra cute

Grandpa Ron reading The Hobbit to Max

Simon and Max have arrived

This morning we were able to welcome Simon McKenzie Krabel and Max Thompson Krabel to this world and mom and babies are well.  We are still at the hospital with them but oh boy, are they cute.

The happy mom with Simon – the first born

Simon has just the cutest face

Max is still watched over.

Both boys surely inherited the big feet of their dad.