Christmas 2018

This year we stayed at home and put up a 12 foot tree – that is 3.65 meters. The boys were super excited and so were the parents.

The Christmas card image from this year

On Christmas Eve the boys performed in church

And later that night the presents for family and friends went under the tree

In the morning the boys raided their stockings

And checked out in awe the gifts

The boys then went with Amy to feed the homeless at The Porch Cantina. Then breakfast with GiCi and Grandmama and then action.

Oh joy

No one was left out

And the adults were busy too

Very busy

Afterwards there was cleaning action

The summer of 2018

Good times by all.

Simon and Max very GQ at Easter

Simon is on the Sherwood Sharks swim team

With his fellow shark Finn under water at Sherwood

But you do not have to be an official shark to enjoy underwater time as Max clearly demonstrates.

The boys together in the pool.

Max enjoying a Landjäger at home.

Simon riding around Salem Lake with his dad running along.

Max prefers his motorized Powerwheels

A shark tattoo at the City Meet

Fresh haircuts before the big trip to Germany

Currywurst und Pommes at the Eichbühlfest in Ostrach

Taking in the beauty of the Bodensee while hanging out in Überlingen

Walking to the Bannwaldturm in Ostrach

At the end of the summer on the special way home from Brunson School

Fun times in the tub until ….

Simon and Max take a bath every night after a fun day of playing and sometimes the playing continues in the tub. 

Last night the fun games were about 2 dogs named George and Bea, Superman and Donald Duck.

But the fun ended for one boy when the other boy decided to pitch all 4 toys out – one by one


Another long summer – 2015 

The boys are growing like weeds and we all had lots of fun this summer, and here are a few impressions. 

 Entertaining themselves more and more these days.

Fresh haircut for the younger boy

Good times at the pool

Comfortable like a fish 


Swim lessons at Sherwood Pool 

Meanwhile the new house is coming along nicely. 


The boys assisting papa shopping at Lowe’s


There is always time for the pool, and the little one is still good for fun. 

Small construction toys from Grandmama Georgia look mighty in front of the new house.

Horsing around with David.   

A kiss for brother in the tub


Simon also was due for a haircut.

Ready for summer weather and fun.


More progress at the new house.

Skateboarding with David.


A confident walk during the vacation at the beach.
With GiCi and lots of sand to explore 


Opa was also there and hung out with Simon and Max.
The big truck in action at the beach.


Riding time at the beach.

A morning walk with Mama


Focused on the task at hand.
Captain Simon putting a big ship.


Max also spent time at the helm.

Big family dinner after the boat trip.


A house with a view was our home for a week. 

Shopping at Litchfield Beach.


Firefighter Max is learning about the important job.


Morning walks with Mama are fun indeed.


Simon also checked out being a firefighter. 
A big construction project called a Stairway To Heaven. 


Max fell hard during quiet time and the bandaid is the lame work of the father.  

More Lego work – The Clover Gate 


The souvenir Max received when he fell against the edge of the bed. 

Max Cool 

Lawn mowing assistants at the new lot.

On the roof deck at the new house.


Simon is modeling near the Porch restaurant. 

Giving the brother a ride. No Uber needed. 

Hard work for Max with Emmie.

Fun times on a slide 

So many sweet delights and Papa says no.

More work at the new house.

Going on a train ride.


Summer is approaching 

Max loves the new harmonica 


Simon also joined in the concert  


The cherries were clearly very yummy

Mama and papa escaped to Europe for a few days


Good times with papa at the Lighthouse

Meanwhile the new house is taking shape 


Ready for horseback riding lessons

Giddy up

Max was not fully into it on that day 


Shanigans at home 

A summer haircut for Max

Hard at work with chalk 

Raspberries and yogurt

Testing papa’s aero helmet

Good times at Sherwood – yeah for summer

Max is loving the water too

Simon has turned into a fish

Official swim class


Yes, the house. 


While mama was gone 

Mama was away on business but we were busy.

Hair stylists in the tub

The next morning an accident forced a special bath

We love fresh bread

But Max was under the weather

Intigued by Zion’s Daughter

Simon got to be a big boy and walk to class on his own 

Big tears because papa walked outside with the trash

Helping papa with the tag for mama’s new car

That pumpkin bread from Camino Bakery is very popular

A walk with papa downtown 

After a run with papa

Helping out to clean up the new lot

Max working intently with Sarah

Yeah, mama is home